'Orano Mining' Company donates MNT 1 billion to Mongolia

2020-03-20 11:16:23

Deputy Prime Minister U.Enkhtuvshin today received Ambassador of France to Mongolia Philippe Merlin.

The meeting started with a good news about the French national, who is undergoing treatment at the National Center for Communicable Disease, that his physical condition is improving with stable body temperature.  

During the meeting, Ambassador Philippe Merlin personally handed over an official letter from ‘Orano Mining’ Company of France specially addressed to the Deputy PM. In the letter, ‘Orano Mining’ Company expressed gratitude for providing high level medical service to the French national and conveyed that it is giving cash donation worth MNT 1 billion to the State Emergency Commission of Mongolia.

In turn, Deputy PM U.Enkhtuvshin expressed sincere gratitude on giving large amount of donation for the support of the Government of Mongolia, State Emergency Commission, the Ministry of Health and other professional organizations. He also remarked that until today there is no recorded case that transmitted from the French national, the first case of coronavirus infection recorded in Mongolia.