Mongolia plans two additional charter flights to Seoul and Frankfurt next week

2020-04-21 19:36:01

Head of the operative team B.Uuganbayar reported that the State Emergency Commission (SEC) yesterday made a decision to operate chartered flights to Seoul, Republic of Korea on April 30 and to Frankfurt, Germany on May 2, enabling Mongolian nationals abroad to return home. 

There will be no new registration for the two upcoming flights, as people who had already submitted their requests to return home to the diplomatic missions of Mongolia and were put on a waitlist will be allocated a place on the flights.

Preference of seats will be given to pregnant women, children, elders and people with health concerns and other excuses. 

Moreover, the Mongolian citizens will be strictly required to be involved in COVID-19 testing 48 hours before the flight and only students aged under 18 among those arriving via other countries will be given a seat on the flights

Since many requests and complaints related to chartered flights are coming from Mongolian nationals stranded abroad, the operative team of the SEC and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be working in charge of the allocation of the seats for those deemed vulnerable or with reasonable excuses, by taking the number of available spaces in isolation places in Mongolia into consideration. 

In addition, according to the State Emergency Commission’s decision, it was resolved hold a public exercise on readiness to pandemic in May. By doing so, relevant organizations are working to organize it within the scope of home isolation regime while practicing social distancing and avoiding large groups.