Drill to place 150 thousand residents of Chingeltei district in lockdown

2020-05-05 18:09:31

The operative team of the State Emergency Commission and the authorities of Chingeltei district of the capital city held a press briefing on the quarantine drill to be held in Chingeltei district on May 7.

150 thousand residents of Chingeltei district will be put into quarantine as a drill. As police will be set out at the outer edges of the district territory, and in some cases equipped with military equipment at major streets and intersections, the officials requested citizens to not be alarmed by the situation.

Head of the operative team, Colonel B.Uuganbayar noted the importance of citizens’ preparedness for possible risks.


He said, “As the risk of coronavirus spread continues to be high during this time, a large-scale drill and exercise will be organized to provide correlation between professional organizations on May 6-8. The exercise consists of two main parts, with the first being training and exercise revolving around how countermeasures should be organized by professional institutions. The Deputy Prime Minister of Mongolia will also be getting in contact with the professionals involved in the training online.


As for the second part of the exercise, Chingeltei district will be placed on lockdown on May 7 between 8 am and 6 pm. The drill is being conducted because public preparedness for possible risks is a current pressing issue. During this period of time, citizens in Chingeltei district will stay in their homes, and those from other districts will not be allowed entry. With realistic implementation of international practices in difficult conditions, such as bringing food to citizens, we would be able to see possible obstacles and difficulties in real situations.”