Mongolia, Russia and China to jointly develop tourism

2020-10-21 17:36:30

Ulaanbaatar / MONTSAME /. The fifth meeting of the Ministers of Tourism of Mongolia, Russia and China was held virtually yesterday, on October 20. The meeting was organized at the initiation of the Federal Agency for Tourism of Russia, focusing on revitalization of the tourism industry, which suffered the most from the global outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, and establishment of joint tourist itineraries and expansion of cooperation within the sector.

The representatives of the sector headed by Minister of Environment and Tourism of Mongolia D.Sarangerel, Head of the Federal Agency for Tourism of Russia Z.V.Doguzova and Vice Minister of Culture and Tourism of China Zhang Xu participated in the meeting.

Minister D.Sarangerel underlined the wide range of potential cooperation opportunities between the countries, including joint development of sustainable tourism, exchange of mutually beneficial experiences and information, establishment of joint tourism itineraries, etc. “Mongolia, for the first time, identified tourism as its leading sector of the economy. Although the sector has stagnated and suffered significant losses due to the pandemic, we have taken advantage of this opportunity to improve our tourism infrastructure, quality of services and capacity building. At today’s meeting, I am pleased to discuss further joint projects and programs of the three countries and to implement effective initiatives” she added.

Head of the Federal Agency for Tourism of Russia Z.V.Doguzova said, “The tourism industry is not only a significant industry to the economy but also it strengthens friendly relations and cooperation between the countries and its people. In this regard, we have great untapped cooperation opportunities as neighboring countries. Last year, 141,927 Russian tourists visited Mongolia which shows an increase of 9.9 percent compared with the same period of the previous year. We are hoping to continue to work together effectively without losing this growth”.

Vice Minister of Culture and Tourism of China Zhang Xu said, “We are going through a difficult time amid the pandemic. The tourism industry has been shaken as a whole and in a hardship. Regardless of this situation, our country is trying to turn this hardship into a new opportunity. Particularly, we are striving to expand domestic tourism. I would also like to emphasize that new policies and programs in this direction are being developed and implemented in our country. Aside from traveling and having fun, tourism also plays as a bridge for the dissemination of culture which is the basis for strengthening friendly relations between the countries. Therefore, I hope that the decisions and proposals to be made at today’s meeting will be implemented and bring results”.

Minister D.Sarangerel brought up a number of proposals during the meeting. For instance, to set up a joint working group to develop a plan to maintain the growth in the number of tourists traveling between the three countries after the risk level of the pandemic drops to minimal; to develop and implement a joint plan to intensify mutual training of specialists, promotion and other marketing activities in the three countries, etc. In addition to the proposals, the representatives of Russia and China were asked to provide support to the operations of Mongolian aviation companies and the sides responded positively to the proposals and expressed their readiness to provide support.