Agtana Khureet festival takes place in Sukhbaatar aimag

2020-11-12 14:06:39

 ‘Agtana Khureet’ festival of horsemen and international photography took place for the third year on Shiliin Bogd Mountain in Sukhbaatar aimag on November 7.

The festival annually organized as part of Agtana Khureet cultural project locally and globally promotes Mongolia’s horse culture and related traditions. It plays an important role in promoting Mongolian horse, the symbol of Mongolian cultural heritage and the national independence, to the world, preserving and passing down the national horse culture to the next generation, developing tourism in border areas, and supporting local economy.    

Around 3,000 people from 21 aimags took part in the festival this year. However, foreign photographers were unable to be present due to the global pandemic.