WTO publication on easing trade bottleneck in LLDCs virtually launched

2021-12-10 15:09:20

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/ A new publication ‘Easing Trade Bottlenecks in Landlocked Developing Countries’ by the World Trade Organization was virtually launched on December 8.

In her opening remarks, Director-General Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala reiterated her commitment to promoting a more inclusive multilateral trading system: “LLDCs face particularly acute versions of realities that all members must grapple with, as complex emerging challenges, such as climate change, threaten development possibilities and future prosperity. We must leverage the potential of trade to meet these challenges. … We must also ensure that the gains from trade are equally distributed. Enhancing integration into regional and global value chains of women, youth and small businesses creates jobs and opportunities, and helps reduce inequality.”

At the event, Mongolia’s Permanent Representative to WTO, Ambassador L. Purevsuren noted that the challenges facing LLDCs are deepening due to the negative effects of the pandemic, and introduced what LLDCs are doing to mitigate these negative effects and draw the attention of the international community to this issue. For instance, he underlined the issues of including provisions related to LLDCs in the final document of the 12th WTO Ministerial Conference, and a decision made by the WTO Trade Facilitation Committee to hold a specific meeting to discuss LLDCs’ transit transport. He also stressed the need of defining the LLDCs’ transit rights and obligations of transit countries and adding them to WTO treaties and agreements.

There are currently 44 landlocked countries in the world. Of these, 32 countries are classified as the Landlocked Developing Country (LLDC). Caused by their common challenges such as lack of territorial access to the sea, isolation from world markets, high transit costs and direct dependency on transit countries, LLDCs represent only 1 percent of world trade.