Transloading terminal at Shiveekhuren border checkpoint to be put into operation in September

2022-05-30 10:19:08

On May 27, Prime Minister L.Oyun-Erdene and corresponding ministers became acquainted with the operations of Shiveekhuren-Sekhee border checkpoint and the progress of the construction being carried out for a transloading terminal. 

The border checkpoint officially resumed operations from May 25, after having halted its operations since October 2021 due to the pandemic situation. 220 containers of coal have been exported on the first day of resumption of operations. The shipment of coal through the checkpoint is planned to be increased to about 400-500 containers - 16 thousand tons of coal per day. 

Around 10 million tons of coal had accumulated at the Shiveekhuren-Sekhee border checkpoint since its operations were halted. It is being planned to export the coal in a considerably short amount of time, reported the official in charge of Shiveekhuren border checkpoint at the border administration.

At the Shiveekhuren border checkpoint, construction works are being carried out for a container transportation terminal in 17 hectares of area. Its progress is currently running at 87 percent. 

Once the terminal is fully put into operation in September this year, it will become possible to export 17 million tons of coal per year from the terminal alone.

Expressing gratitude to the entities that are involved in the works being carried out at the Shiveekhuren border checkpoint in the framework of ‘Revival of Border Checkpoints’, the Prime Minister noted that the checkpoint’s capacity would increase with its completion, which would allow 40 million tons of coal to be annually exported.

In the framework of public-private partnership, the construction work is being handled by eight companies that run operations at deposits in Nariinsukhait, including Mongolyn Alt (MAK) LLC. Corresponding works to construct the appropriate environment for the transportation of freight with self-driving trucks are also being done at the Shiveekhuren border checkpoint for the very first time. 

Facilities for PCR testing and disinfection have also been recently commissioned at the border checkpoint in the country’s southern region. 

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