Prime Minister visits Bor-Undur fluorspar mine

2020-01-15 15:23:02

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh is working in some aimags these days. During his working trip to Bor-Undur soum of Khentii aimag, PM U.Khurelsukh visited the mine site of Bor – Undur Mine and Ore Dressing Plant. 

Mongolrostsvetmet LLC exploits fluorspar ore from the Bor-Undur underground mine in 200 meters below ground and Khukh Del /Tuv ungent and Zuun unegt/ open pit mine. The fluorspar ore from these mines are processed in the Bor-Undur ore dressing plant and produce fluorspar acid concentrate and metallurgical concentrate as final products. The Bor-Undur concentration plant is considered to be the largest fluorspar concentrate processing plant in Mongolia, as reported by the Mongolrostsvetmet LLC. 

With daily extraction capacity of around 390 tons of fluorspar ore, which totals 300 thousand of ore annually, the Bor-Undur mine plant has resumed its exploration activities in 2017, which was halted for more than two years, and made some upgrades in its technology and equipment. 

The fluorspar content of the Bor-Undur mine is currently 26.76 percent and the concentration processing increases the recovery up to 90-95 percent. With current capacity, the Bor-Undur mine has the potential to operate another three years from its known deposits. 

During the PM’s visit to the mine, specialists pointed out that once the technical and economic feasibility is approved of the Zuun Tsagaan Del’ fluorite deposit, whose license is held by Mongolrostsvetmet LLC, the mine exploration potential is estimated to be around 10-15 years. The deposit is located in Ikh-Khet soum of Dornogobi aimag, covers 141.8 hectares.  

The Cabinet Secretariat of Government of Mongolia also reported that the profits of Bor-Undur mine totaled MNT 34 billion last year.