Monument for battle of Galdan Boshugtu Khan and Manchu troops

Art & Culture
2020-12-03 17:54:48

Tuv /MONTSAME/. There was found a monument with Chinese inscription telling about the historic event of a decisive battle of Galdan Boshugtu Khan of the Dzunghar Khanate (Zuungar) of Oirat Mongols with Manchu Troops of the Qing Dynasty in a place called ‘Tarvagan Shiiriin Gatsaa’ (in Mongolian) near the Tuul River in Erdene soum of Tuv aimag. 

The monument, which had been kept at the Khaan Jims Tourist Camp located 55 kilometers from Ulaanbaatar city, was transferred to the Museum of Tuv aimag in 2020. On the monument of slate-type rock formation that is 50 cm tall and 46 cm wide, an inscription of a total of 41 Chinese characters in 8 columns is engraved. 

Scholar Ts.Battulga first heard about the monument from L.Ganchimeg, lecturer at National University of Mongolia, School of Mongolian Language and Culture, and discovered the heritage in 2013. He then wrote an article ‘Shining Monument of Zuunmod battle or Inscription of the Tarvagan Shiiriin Gatsaa’ for an academic journal of the Mongolian State University of Education.