Nearly 200 died due to accidents and disasters in 2015

2016-01-20 14:00:30

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ In 2015, 198 people died and 175 thousand heads of livestock and animals were lost due to 5,422 disasters and accidents.

There were also 4,561 construction fires and 164 cases of rabies.A damage caused by forest fires reached 62.7 billion Togrog, by the construction fires--11.5 billion, by severe storms--5.3 billion, by heavy rains and floods--323.9 million, by rabies--61.8 million. Some 855 million Togrog went to eliminating the disasters and accidents' consequences.

Last year, 94 people died drowning in rivers and lakes, 58 people--in the construction fires, 25--in  artisanal mining and rock falls; seven--in related to water and weather disasters, five--in mountain accidents, three--from chemical substance usage, two--from plague and slug firearms accidents, one--in the forest fire.

The number of the disaster and accident went up in 2015 by 494 against the year 2014.