EU launches brochure setting out overall development cooperation with Mongolia

2016-07-08 17:44:13

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The European Union, together with its Member States, has published a brochure giving a comprehensive overview of the increasingly close relationship with Mongolia that goes beyond traditional cooperation, the website has published.

The publication, available in English and Mongolian, highlights projects that have successfully transferred knowledge and skills in areas such as education, healthcare and governance; opened up new opportunities for rural products; supported business growth; and helped Mongolia to protect its unique cultural and environmental heritage. A selection of EU, Member State and multilaterally-funded initiatives are featured.

It also looks at how EU-Mongolian relations have evolved. EU Member States and European businesses and NGOs play an increasingly important role in bringing in investment and expertise, and in promoting cultural exchange. Through working in close partnership with Mongolia, the EU and its Member States are helping the country to achieve its ambitions of sustainable and inclusive development, as this brochure demonstrates.

This brochure is a real opportunity to learn how diverse and profound the cooperation between Mongolia and European Union is, and also shows the potential expertise that the EU and its Member States can share with Mongolia.