National Security Council approves Mayor’s ordinance

2017-01-10 17:04:06

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Today, the National Security Council held an extended meeting and approved ordinances issued by Mayor of the Capital city and Governor of Ulaanbaatar S.Batbold. The council considered that the ordinance on restriction of migration from rural area to Ulaanbaatar till the beginning of 2018, would not violate human rights.

Reportedly, although the council approved to extend the restriction term on migration, the city authority does not intend to make decisions on it now. “- Processed low-smoke fuels will be distributed to families with low income in Ulaanbaatar very soon. Further, burning of raw coal will be banned in the capital. The Government also plans to discuss issue on exemption of electric heater and other facilities from customs tax”. Moreover, entities, which have low pressure stoves in Ulaanbaatar are obliged to replace them.

Air purifiers have been distributed to kindergartens and the city authority promised to continue the distribution to kindergartens and schools.