Loans to be granted for purchase of electric heating device

2017-01-11 17:03:23

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The Government issued a resolution on providing ger district residents with free electricity for nighttime on December 28. Following the resolution, more decisions and regulations are being approved and adhered.

Now the Government works to provide citizens in ger district with possibility to purchase electric heating with loans financed from Green credit fund, reported Prime Minister J.Erdenebat to the National Security Council yesterday.

Currently 75 per cent or 110.8 thousand households in ger district area have electrometers, which are qualified to calculate consumption with time differences and their electric payment at night -time consumption has started to be zeroed. The remaining 36.4 thousand households need that kind of electrometers.  Technical capacity has been generated to provide 110 thousand households with 2.5 KW electric heating devices and conditions will be created to provide more 20 thousand households with 4 KW heating.

PM J.Erdenebat also reported on measures to be taken in short and long terms. Measures in short run includes developing national program on air pollution reduction, stabilizing operations of a fuel production factory and providing 23 thousand households with processed low-smoke fuels and improve people’s involvement. 70 low pressure stoves, operating in Ulaanbaatar will be removed and the customers will be connected to central heating system.