‘Chinggis Khaan’ project to attract tourists

2017-01-12 12:08:49

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ During its regular session on January 11, the Cabinet assigned ‘Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi’ JSC and ‘Erdenes Mongol’ LLC to support and cooperate with ‘Chinggis Khaan’ project which will be executed to intensify tourism development, increase the number of tourists and create more services for them.

The project is designated to promote Mongolia through a multimedia channel which contains more than 1200 images, ‘The Secret History of the Mongols’ and other ways. In frames of the project, exhibition installations dedicated to foreign and domestic tourists will be set up on the Central Square to remain in function for 6 months starting from June 1, this year.

The ‘Chinggis Khaan’ project team estimates that the exhibition will reach about 1.4 million people, garnering MNT 4-5 billion income tax to state budget; thus, the project will be able to repay the loan which the team hopes to acquire from the Government of Mongolia.

The creative project requires USD 2.5 million for its realization, and the project team has requested the Cabinet to grant a two-year, soft loan.