Air pollution reduction strategies to be formulated

2017-01-12 12:33:22

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Bills and drafts of decisions and programs regarding air pollution reduction, which is reflected in the National Security Council’s (NSC) recommendation on January 10, will be developed urgently.  Government instructed relevant ministries to introduce the bills and drafts to the cabinet meeting, which is to be held in the first week of February.

Recommendations issued by NSC included the following:

- To amend relevant laws and regulations to ensure legal environment for working in emergency regime and define disaster zones, prohibiting  some activities, taking actions of evacuation, rehabilitation and replanning, as pollution of air, water and soil declared to state of disaster;
- To evacuate central administration organizations, institutes and universities and their infrastructure;
- To create system of responsibility and duties of every organization, official, company, entity and citizen at all level regarding reducing air and environment pollution, realizing relevant laws and regulations;
- To create legal environment ensuring involvement, collaboration and public control of citizens and entities regarding to reducing environment pollution