Law to combat domestic violence comes into effect

2017-02-01 16:58:14

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Starting today, the revised Law to Combat Domestic Violence comes into effect. The Parliament approved the law in December, which identifies domestic violence as a crime, making it subject to criminal punishment and providing for a more comprehensive response to the domestic violence and for integrated victim services.

The fact says that 94 persons have died and 4102 persons have been injured for the last six years due to domestic violence and besides, the number of registered cases of violent actions tends to increase year by year behind closed doors.

New law aims to enhance the victim protection system by placing the safety of victims first; establishing a team of specialists to provide counseling; protecting people from repeated violence and abuse; and strengthening cooperation among relevant agencies. The law also extends the mandate of protection for victims of domestic violence to shelter houses, social welfare services, and psychological and other health care providers.

The revised law requires every citizen to report child abuse and domestic violence. For example, neighbors are obliged to inform on violation cases and those who do not report the violence, will face fines. The scope of law enforcement does not limit relations between family members, it also involves the divorced and cohabitants.