'Protein' rendering plant inaugurated

2019-02-18 14:07:49

On February 15, the meat and bone meal and animal fat rendering plant, ‘Protein’ was inaugurated in Emeelt village. The plant has a daily capacity to render 24 tons of meat and bone meal and 17 tons of animal fat.


The Government of Mongolia is implementing the 'Industrialization 21:100' program in aims of developing value-added, internationally-recognized, competitive, and sustainable production as well as increasing jobs, internal and external trade turnovers, and economic growth.

Therefore, Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh attended the opening ceremony and delivered remarks. In his remarks, the Prime Minister highlighted the plant will make valuable contribution to attaining the goal of providing the population with healthy food and thus becoming an exporter. He also noted the Government is ready to fully support and cooperate with the enterprises that create wealth and jobs.


It is noteworthy that Mongolia will no longer spend MNT 18 billion annually on imports of meat and bone meal with the coming into operation of 'Protein' as the plant is capable of satisfying 80 percent of the domestic demand for the product. Moreover, the products are planned to be exported in the future as they are in high demand in the international market.

The plant has been built with the assistance of a loan from the Development bank of Mongolia and equipped with advanced technology equipment of the Impianti Carrera company of Italy.

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