President Kh.Battulga meets his Chinese counterpart

2019-04-26 16:24:25

President of the PRC Xi Jinping received President of Mongolia Kh.Battulga at the People’s Great Hall today. The heads of the states held official talks and attended the signing ceremony.

Foreign Minister of Mongolia D.Tsogtbaatar and Foreign Minister of China Wang Yi and other relevant officials signed a total of eight documents.

These include:

-the Plan for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of Mongolia-China diplomatic relations,

-Action Plan between the Governments of the two countries on advancement of the ‘Development Road’ and ‘Belt and Road’ construction,

-Memorandum of Understanding on the organization of Mongolia-China joint exhibition,

-MoU on the commencement of renewing the Mid-Term Program to Develop Trade and Economic Cooperation between Mongolia and China,

-Agreement between the Customs General Administrations of the two countries on mutual recognition of the Management Program for Certified Enterprises,

-Protocol between the Ministry of Road and Transport Development of Mongolia and Chinese Ministry of Transport on implementation of the Road Transport Agreement,

-Economic and Technical Cooperation Agreement and

-Exchange of letters on the Ger Area Redevelopment project respectively.