Mongolian Fine Art Masterpiece “Khot Ail”

2020-05-13 13:05:58

MONTSAME National News Agency in cooperation with the Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery is presenting a series of Mongolian fine art masterpieces. This time, we are presenting the painting “Khot Ail (Herdsmen camp)” by State Honored Cultural Figure M.Butemj.

Artist M.Butemj created the painting in 1974 on a 65x80 cm canvas using oil paint. The visual angle of the painting is elevated as if it is being seen from above in the style of a traditional Mongolian painting and the design is solved in the form of a full circle with a few color combinations, which is a unique solution with intense movement.

The painting won the "Best Work" award at the International Exhibition held in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1975.

Artist M.Butemj has created works in a variety genres of fine arts, including decorative art, line drawing, painting, and monumental decoration. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, he was involved in a wave of creative developments in the field of Mongolian fine art, combining traditional design and artistic processing of Mongolian painting with European painting techniques with his works “Thousand Horse Festival”, “Glory of the Revolution”, “People's Pleasure”, “Countryside Like Five Gems”, “Let’s unite our goals, friends!”.

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