Vietnam News Agency

2017-04-21 12:31:54

The Vietnam News Agency (VNA), a governmental agency, is the official State news provider of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

As the only news agency of the whole country, the State-run VNA is responsible for publishing official information and documents of the Party and State; providing information in service of the Party leadership and State management; and collecting and providing news through various forms to mass media agencies, the public,and readers of all kinds at home and abroad.

The VNA is a media complex consisting of 32 affiliates.They comprise news units providing source news for domestic and foreign media outlets. There are five editorial departments: the Domestic News Department, the World News Department, the News Department for Foreign Service, the Economic News Department and the Press Photography Department. There are two source news centres, the Vietnam News Agency Television Centre (VNews) and Database - Documentation Centre. The VNA also has various publication and press bodies,with 10 news sources: the News newspaper, the Sports & Culture newspaper, the Ethnic Minority and Mountainous Region pictorial, Science & Technology monthly magazine, Vietnam Plus e-newspaper, Vietnam Pictorial, Viet Nam News, Le Courrier du Vietnam, Vietnam Law & Legal Forum and Vietnam-Korea Times weekly. It also has a television channel; a publishing house; five news support centres; and two printing, trade and services companies.