Decisions Made at the Cabinet Session

2023-11-15 18:01:31

Ulaanbaatar, November 15, 2023 /MONTSAME.  During its regular session on November 15, 2023, the Cabinet made the following decisions:


Draft Bill on Promoting Information Technology Industry to be Developed  

As part of his weekly series of meetings held every Monday morning, the Prime Minister of Mongolia met with the team of the integrated public service system “E-Mongolia” on November 13, 2023. Today's Cabinet meeting focused on the Government's digital transition policy, outlining the actions that have been taken and to be taken for its implementation, as well as the "E-Mongolia Academy" state-owned enterprise’s operation, challenges, and measures needed to be undertaken in the future.  

The relevant officials were assigned the following tasks:   

-To develop a Draft Bill on Promoting the Information Technology Industry,  

-To study and present the issue of developing an integrated website for public organizations, based on the integrated public service system "E-Mongolia,"  

-To ensure cross-sectoral collaboration to implement the digital transition,  

-To create an environment for constant operation and services of information systems,  

-To provide the necessary equipment to ensure normal and continuous operation of the system within the approved budget,  

-To implement nationwide measures to enhance the digital literacy of the population within the approved budget,  

-To undertake a digital transition in the health sector.  


Mongolia to Fully Secure Domestic Demand for Wheat and Potato and 85 Percent of Vegetables 


Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry of Mongolia Bolorchuluun Khayangaa briefed on preparations for the winter and spring seasons in 2023-2024 in the agriculture sector and preliminary results of the 2023 harvest.


Minister Kh. Bolorchuluun was tasked to draft decisions for supporting the export of livestock and meat products, the import of animal feed in the western provinces, organizing trade to increase domestic meat reserves and sales, preventing road closures, and improving the quality and accessibility of health services, assessing risks. The Minister also was assigned to intensify the sale of food and fodder wheat, organize to stock up on a sufficient amount of quality seed reserves for planting next year, and postpone loan payments of the farmers exposed to natural hazards.  


According to the preliminary harvest balance, 456.0 thousand tons of grain (of which 434.0 thousand tons of wheat), 175.0 thousand tons of potatoes, 183.0 thousand tons of vegetables, 253.0 thousand tons of fodder plants, and 50.0 thousand tons of oilseeds were harvested.


It means domestic harvest will satisfy the need for wheat and potatoes at 100 percent and for vegetables at 85.0 percent. Wheat production increased by 32.0 thousand tons or 8.0 percent, vegetables by 35.0 thousand tons or 23.0 percent, and animal forage by 82.0 thousand tons or 45 percent compared to last year. 


Minister Kh. Bolorchuluun noted the record harvest of this year is a result of concrete decisions made by the Government. 

News in brief  

-The Mongolian Government's report on the implementation and results of activities to ensure gender equality was discussed, and it was decided to submit it to the State Great Khural of Mongolia.  

-The Partnership Project Development Fund was established, and its regulations were approved. The Minister of Economy and Development of Mongolia Ch. Khurelbaatar was assigned to supervise the implementation of the regulations.  

-A regulation on purchasing valuable cultural artifacts for preservation in state and local museums has been approved.