PM visits two households to see reality on site

2017-01-10 15:51:09

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Yesterday, Prime Minister J.Erdenebat visited two households in Bayanzurkh district of Ulaanbaatar city to see the results of some measures taken to tackle air pollution.

A family of Ts.Donjav has been using ‘Ulzii’ low-smoke stove since 2010. “This stove emits less smoke than ordinary smoke and uses less fuel. However, it has a disadvantage, being unsuitable to cook. So we cook on an electric stove. We appreciate the Government's decision on providing free electricity during nigh time” said the family head Ts.Donjav.

PM J.Erdenebat underlined that air pollution has not reduced last years, even though MNT130-140 billion was spent for it. “- It would possibly more effective if night tariff of electricity had been zeroed earlier. The Government strives to tackle air pollution with various measures. We will support migration to rural area through creating jobs there. Providing Ulaanbaatar citizens with apartments will be encouraged. We also plan to ban transportation of raw coal to Ulaanbaatar” PM said.

He also suggested the family to utilize an electric heater, which was on display at a fair for tests and share their experience a month later. The next household, which the PM visited, has been utilizing a floor heater since 2011.

“- My family used to have a low pressure stove. That time three sacks of coal were used for heating daily, spending MNT300 thousand. Now we use an electric heater, turning it on only at night and our monthly cost for electricity is MNT60-70 thousand. We enjoy comfort and all our relatives have floor heaters” said citizen Kh.Bilguun.

The PM noted that the Government pays attention on creating conditions that allow ger district households to use the electric heating system through means of increasing production capacity of electricity and heating as well as progress projects to construct power plants.