Former deputies discuss amendment of Constitution

2017-01-16 08:46:17

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The 25th anniversary of the adoption of new Constitution of Mongolia fell on January 13, Friday. In connection with the anniversary, a meeting took place between a working group which was formed to study the possible amendment of the Constitution and deputies of former People’s Great Khural who adopted the Constitution on January 13, 1992.

The 2016-2020 action plan of the Cabinet reflects a statement that the issue of the amendment of the Constitution will be studied. As such, by an ordinance of Prime Minister J.Erdenebat, a working group led by Ch.Enkhbaatar, Head of Department of Law at Mongolian Academy of Governance was formed. The working group was assigned to study whether the Constitution should be amended, and formulate a proposal. The working group will conduct a research in 21 provinces and the capital city to present the conclusion to the Cabinet within the first season of this year.

At the meeting, number of deputies expressed that it is important to let Mongolian people understand why the Constitution should be amended, and ask them if they want to amend the Constitution. Also, the deputies made suggestions regarding a new system with upper and lower parliament houses, enforcement of parliamentary system, increased independence of judicial branch and a system where President is elected by Parliament, should the Constitution be amended.

Moreover, the deputies emphasized on the need to nullify seven amendments made to the Constitution in 1999-2000, and act in compliance with the Constitution on all levels. Several deputies expressed their views that the issue of amending the Constitution should be dealt with caution, and the time for amendment hasn’t come.