About 3 thousand people die from cancer a year in Mongolia

2017-02-02 16:56:26

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ On the occasion to the World Cancer Day - February 4, the National Cancer Center of Mongolia organized an event to give information on the present situation of cancer disease in Mongolia on February 2. 

The International Association for Fight against Cancer has decided to mark the World Cancer Day under the theme “We can. I can” in 2016-2018. Mongolia has celebrated this day since 2007.

According to the information of the National Cancer Center of Mongolia, around 5 thousand people are diagnosed with cancer every year and 3 thousand of those patients die. Some 70 percent of people with cancer see a doctor when they have already reached the final stage of cancer, which is a serious problem.

In 2015, 5777 people were diagnosed with cancer, 3999 of whom died, showing the increasing number of disease and death rates. The most cancer cases are diagnosed too late.

L.Bayarsaikhan, Deputy Director of Research, Training and Information Department of the National Cancer Center of Mongolia said "Late diagnosis of cancer is an acute problem in Mongolia and cancer treatment and medical care cost high. Cancer diagnosed at a late stage affect to the outcome of the treatment".

He continued "About 40 percent of total cancer cases in Mongolia is liver cancer. In 2016, liver cancer rate accounts for 42.5 percent of all cancer related deaths. In recent rates, the quality of cancer diagnosis has been improved and it is possible to identify cancer caused by viruses at as early as possible. In Mongolia, liver, stomach and cervical cancers are among the most common cancer cases.