Ulaanbaatar residents enjoy winter festival

2017-02-13 08:50:34

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Mayor’s Office in cooperation with Tourism Department of the City Administration organized an ‘Ulaanbaatar Winter Festival – 2017’ on the weekends, February 11-12 at the National Park.

In his opening speech, Ulaanbaatar Mayor S.Batbold said, “We intend to develop and expand this festival into a major winter festival in the region. Our winter festival is unique for it displays the traditional customs of Mongolia, and winter sports played by Mongolians”. The organizers expect that the festival will contribute to development of winter tourism and increasing the number of tourists coming to Mongolia.

In addition to musical performances of Ulaanbaatar Ensemble, festival-goers were entertained by and able to participate in various competitions such as snow craft, ice archery, ice ankle bone-shooting, ice chess, ski, snowboard and ice climbing.

In addition, Ulaanbaatar Rugby Cup and National Ice Archery Championship were held in conjunction with the family event. The Ulaanbaatar Winter Festival was dubbed as a family festival, therefore, Ulaanbaatar residents enjoyed the festival in families, wearing traditional outfits just like Naadam festival of July.

The event was also made interesting with more services like paragliding stunts, dog-sled, mini-zoo and Tsagaan Sar expo by domestic manufacturers. One competition that involved majority of the festival-goers was the Best Deel contest which had encouraged many to come wearing their deels.