Mongolian circus artists conquer Golden Elephant

2016-03-02 13:18:40

Figueres International Circus Festival 2016 that took place in Spain on February 25-29, has concluded the final results. Among over 80 artists from 14 countries, Mongolian artists from the National Circus led by T.Nomuundari have won the Golden Elephant with their magnificent acrobatic performances with teeterboard and hand voltige.

Audiences came standing with thunder of applauses when Mongolians performed tense and risky jumping board act and thus winning the Golden Elephant. 

Golden Elephants were also handed to Qin Warriors and Fan Dance bands from China.

Besides that, Mongolian contortionists won the judges’ prize for their “Swan Lake” themed performance.

This is the proof that Mongolian circus artists’ skills are being recognized worldwide.