Outcomes of privatization since 1992 to be examined

2019-02-26 15:24:12

A working group to examine the outcomes of privatization started in 1992 was established at the Order of the Head of Cabinet Secretariat Mr L.Oyun-Erdene. The working group meeting was held on February 25th at the State House.

At the beginning of the meeting Mr L.Oyun-Erdene noted that the Parliament is currently discussing the 2018-2020 guidelines for privatization, which includes privatization of 27 entities such as MIAT company, Mongolian Stock Exchange, Mongol Post company and State Bank.

“In 1992 Mongolia privatized 928 state-owned entities through voucher privatization. However, people criticize that the privatization ran unfairly. Thus, general conclusion on the results of the privatization and distribution of dividends should be made. Only after this, we should discuss other privatization related issues. Otherwise, the same mistake would be repeated. Authorities of General Archival Authority and Agency for Policy Coordination on State Property are in the working group” he said.

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