Best works of 'Magnificent heritage-Mongolian embroidery' awarded

2019-03-12 11:10:56

A ceremony for awarding best works of the 'Magnificent heritage-Mongolian embroidery', exhibition aimed at enhancing craftsmanship and efforts of the embroiderers and cultural inheritors, was held at the Bogd Khaan Palace Museum.

At the ceremony, the astonishing artworks of this era were selected from silk embroideries and applique showcased at the exhibition which was co-organized by the ‘Sun of Mandchir’ (Mandchiriin naran) NGO and the Bogd Khaan Palace Museum for the third year.

The ‘King’ creation award went to embroiderer G.Enkhmaa for her applique works ‘Namsrai, the god of wealth’ and ‘Tumbaash or The Four in Harmony’. The embroiderer used traditional embroidery techniques, perfectly harmonizing the colors and symbolism, and attached gilded silver accessory to one of the two, the ‘Namsrai, the god of wealth’.

The ‘Mongolian Khudrug or Quilt’ by quilt maker Tsetsegee was named as the ‘Queen’ creation. Ms. Tsetsegee has studied and successfully modernized khudrug or quilt and previously succeeded at international competitions with her creations.

During the exhibition, inheritors and embroiderers discussed their challenging issues and further goals. The next year’s exhibition will be held prior to Tsagaan Sar or Lunar New Year at the same venue.