Sword knotted with spiritual power

2019-03-13 18:20:50

This year marks the 150th birthday anniversary of Bogd Jebtsundamba, spiritual and political leader of Bogd Khanate. In addition to mastering 33 wisdoms of khan (king), the 8th Bogd Jebtsundamba was keen on natural sciences, collecting unusual, rare and precious items related to the nature and wildlife. His collection features some items such as fossilized human brain, rooster egg, heaven tree and sword knotted with spiritual power.

We here present the sword knotted with spiritual power that symbolizes the Spiritual leader and the Power of Dharma. In pursuit of protecting the state and religion, Bogd Jebtsundamba ordered the invocation of the Choijin, Buddhist protector deities, on the auspicious day of each lunar month. 

When a person with evocative abilities summons guardian spirit into his body, he gets to looks like a fierce deity and becomes very strong and as a result can knot steel sword with inner spiritual power. As a proof of it, the folded steel sword with wooden handle or the sword knotted with spiritual power is still being kept in the Bogd Khan Palace Museum.

The sword was knotted in order to protect all living beings existing in forms of visible, invisible, shaped, shapeless and in upper and lower realms from the five delusive poisons.