Horse mane and tail hair processing factory opens

2019-04-02 16:51:08

A factory to process horse mane, tail hair, yak hair and camel wool officially opened on April 1. It is one of the main factories included in the ‘Industrialization 21:100’ national program adopted by the Government Resolution No. 36.


With the commencement of the factory it will be possible to export semi-finished products that meet quality requirements with standardized package. Cleaned and washed hair of horse mane and tail, yak hair and camel wool is sorted by colors and length, and then sterilized and packaged separately. The factory has a capacity to produce 500 kg of raw material daily. Currently, it produces 200 kg daily and exports it to China.


Mon Torgon Del company aims to export the semi-finished products to the European countries, produce 3-5 types of products such as paint brushes, makeup brushes, false lashes and wigs on both domestic and international markets.


In collaboration with the Mongolian Association of Leather Industry, the company has developed and approved the technical regulations MNS 0215: 2018 MNS 0215: 2007 for packaging.