Mongolian Teachers’ Congress taking place

2019-04-12 15:20:46

Under the auspices of Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh, 7th Congress of Mongolian Teachers started on Thursday. Representing over 47.8 thousand teachers working in education sector, 800 delegates are attending the forum.


Opening the congress, PM U.Khurelsukh said “Some 20 percent of state budget will be spent in education sector, building 138 schools and 207 kindergartens in 2019 and 2020. I am very happy to share a good news that Mongolia’s allocation of domestic education budget to pre-primary education is among the highest rates in the world. Furthermore, the Government is implementing a policy to increase amount of salary at stages beginning from 2018 and we will work towards ensuring social guarantee of teachers and other workers in the sector. Moreover, Teacher Development Program will be adopted and implemented.”

The participants will review success and lessons learnt from the change of general education system; transition to 11-year education from 2005 and transition to 12-year education from 2008 and discuss implementation of amendments made in laws on education and the ways to resolve pressing issues the teachers face.