Mongolian Fine Art Masterpiece ‘Great epic poems’

2019-05-01 11:30:35

MONTSAME National News Agency in cooperation with the Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery is presenting a series of Mongolian fine art masterpieces. This time, we are presenting a painting ‘Great epic poems’ by Sh.Tengisbold.

The artwork draws much interest of art analysts, critics and the audiences. Art expert D.Dashbaldan noted about the painting, “The lead, side elements, whole imagery of the composition have a deep philosophical and fatidic meaning. The yin and yang sign on the head of old epic storyteller represents the life, while his closed eyes accurately depict the expressions of misery and joy through the melody he is playing. As for the eyes of the horse head, it is the mirror of the soul that views the complexity of life through the language of music.”

The artist told us about the creation of his painting.

Synch Sh.Tengisbold, Artist: “The piece was created in 1987 when I heard the tale of horse head fiddle. After losing his beloved horse, a man transformed his horse into musical instrument, making a plate from the horse head, fiddle from the ribs and strings from the hair. Based on this tale, I did the painting. Since it is one of the Gobi legends, I used yellow as dominant color and included the leopard skin in the painting. At that time, it was the most expensive painting sold to the state treasury.”

The ‘Great epic poems’ was made of mythical and philosophical thinking and expressions, merging into warm golden color and driven by the notes of the epics and melody.