Government ban on raw coal comes into effect from today

2019-05-15 16:28:07

The Government resolution to ban the consumption of raw coal in the capital city has come into effect from today, May 15. Seeing the necessity to ban raw coal and replace it with refined coal, the Government made the resolution on February 28, 2018. With realization of these responsive actions, the air pollution is believed to be decreased by about 50 percent.   


According to the resolution, households, entities and organizations are banned to burn raw coal beginning today, however thermal power plants and power stations in the city are excluded from the ban.

A household that burns 4-5 tons of coal in heating season will consume two-fold less refined coal, which is an economically beneficial alternative. Tests confirmed that the refined fuel has twice higher caloric value than the raw coal, alongside its twice longer combustion period.  


Introducing the refined coal into home use is one of prompt measures. In parallel, policy actions are underway, including the issuance of low-interest mortgage loans, introduction of electric heaters and liquefied gas into use as well as housing projects.


The city’s annual consumption of raw coal is 1.2 million tons, producing over 80 percent of total air pollution.