Wounded pelican receives care in ger

2019-05-16 12:18:57

On November 11, 2018, conservation officer of the Khar Us Lake special protected area (SPA) B.Sodbileg found a pelican with a bullet wound in Suljee bag of Chandmani soum, Khovd province. At the time, the bird was unable to fly as its left wing and feet were injured. So the ranger brought it to Jargalan soum and provided three-month treatment.  

The one-year old pelican is now being taken care in a ger as there is no special facility. The staff of the administration of the Khar Us Lake SPA named it Azkhuu, which means the lucky boy. Azkhuu eats 3-4 fishes a day and gained 1.5 kilograms from when it was first found. The caretakers change its water every two days with over 200 litres of water.

Moreover, the WWF Mongolia Programme Office granted MNT 1.6 million to help Azkhuu safely pass the winter. The officials are planning to release the bird to the Khar Us Lake this June. There are 62 pelicans in the special protected area, according to the latest study.