I will be back home with belts of all professional boxing organizations

2019-06-10 18:22:03

On June 7th, silver medalist of the Olympic Games and world championships, IBO world champion, Honored Athlete of Mongolia N.Tugstsogt held a press briefing about his forthcoming match and future goals. His bout this time will be for the WBC belt.

State Honored Athlete, IBO world champion N.Tugstsogt

“I came back to Mongolia to get some rest considering that my match will be on August 3. Yesterday, my representatives signed on the bout agreement on behalf of me. WBC invited me to compete for the title and made the arrangement. Gary Russell’s belt will be taken away if he refuses to compete. But if he agrees to it, the match will take place in September, I suppose. In case Russell pulls back, I will fight against another boxer on August 3 and obtain the belt.”

The boxer also said becoming a professional boxer was his childhood dream and the choice he made has nothing to do with his bouts at amateur boxing rings.

State Honored Athlete, IBO world champion N.Tugstsogt

“I have dreamed of becoming a professional boxer ever since my childhood. It can be seen from my previous interviews that when I was 17 year-old I spoke about becoming a professional boxer and being called the Champion from Mongolia in MGM Grand Garden Arena. People think that Tugstsogt entered into professional boxing after his defeat in the Asian Games 2014 held in Incheon city. That defeat was nothing. I am confident that I can bring that boxer down. After London 2012, I finally decided to enter to the professional boxing, where my dream lied.”

He is living and doing his practice in America and came to Mongolia to take a rest before the upcoming match. In response to the question about when he is returning to Mongolia, he said:

State Honored Athlete, IBO world champion N.Tugstsogt

“My contract expires next year and I am planning to extend it by three to five years. I will return home after acquiring the belts of all federations. I do not want Mongolians to have doubts. I want to be acknowledged by everyone, recognizing me as ‘Our Champion”.”

N.Tugstsogt revealed during the briefing that he recently signed a contract with a sports brand called VENUM which is now releasing gloves and sports apparels named after him.

His next bout will be for the WBC belt in any case. As for the date and the opponent, it would be against the current Champion Gary Russell in September or another boxer on August 3.