Mongolia marks World Food Day for 10th year

2019-10-16 18:43:19

World Food Day is marked every year on October 16. This year, it is being celebrated under the theme ‘Our actions are our future: Healthy diets for a zero hunger world’. Within the World Food Day celebration, healthy and eco-food trade-fair has been organized at the Sukhbaatar Square.

At the 20th congress of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) held in 1979, it was declared to celebrate every October 16 – the date of the FAO foundation—as World Food Day. Since 1981, 150 member states of FAO have been celebrating the World Food Day under a unified theme. For the Mongolia, it has been celebrating the day for 10th year.   

Synch: FAO Representative in Mongolia Mr. Vinod Ahuja

The trade fair is being co-organized by the FAO, the Government of Mongolia, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry and organizations operating in the food and agricultural sectors.

Synch: Ch.Ulaan Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry of Mongolia

The volume of ecologically pure products that are produced domestically is increasing. However, a large quantity of imported products with unknown origins are being used in the country. The Government set a goal to correct it and achieve the goal to ensure domestic need of strategic foods from the domestic market in the near future. Today, we have a potential to satisfy domestic needs of wheat, flour and flour products. We see that this year’s harvest can fully meet domestic needs. It is possible to ensure full domestic needs of vegetables including beet, potato and carrot. We aim to achieve a goal to satisfy full domestic needs of cabbage, onion and garlic by 2023. 


In the trade fair, a total of over 40 entities are participating and selling their products at factory price.

During the event, a tea ceremony has been shown to public and relevant research and health organizations provided the public with information about national producers, food safety, how to choose and use nutritious and quality foods.