PM U.Khurelsukh visits construction site of Tavantolgoi-Zuunbayan railroad

2019-11-21 15:48:53

The construction of 414 km railroad in route Tavantolgoi-Zuunbayan is progressing successfully. The works are being conducted concurrently by dividing the railway into three parts and currently, building of 14 km dam foundation has been completed and it is ready to lay the railway track. 

On November 20, PM U.Khurelsukh visited the construction site of Tavantolgoi-Zuunbayan railroad.

The railroad in this route will be built with six railroad junctions and two large stations and the construction work of the junctions is expected to be complete by December 1. A total of 2300 people including officers of eight military units and 64 entities are working in the construction with 1300 machinery and equipment.


Investment worth MNT 1.5 trillion is required for the project. A total of 37 mineral deposits sit along the Tavantolgoi-Zuunbayan railroad and the project has also strategic importance in terms of connecting with the second transit railroad that links Russia and China aside from the first oil refinery.