Academician B.Byambaa awarded with 2019 Technological Advancement Award

2019-12-20 16:40:24

The Government resolved to give the 2019 Technological Advancement Award and MNT 100 million to academician B.Byambaa for his work ‘Advanced technology for curing and preventing parasitic diseases of livestock’. Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh today presented the award to academician B.Byambaa.

With his work, academician B.Byambaa invented a technology for preventing and curing parasitic disease, which is caused by number of inner and outer parasites of livestock.

PM U.Khurelsukh highlighted that the Government considered the work could bring bigger influence to make livestock healthy from parasitic diseases, protect population from several dangerous diseases such as parasitic zoonosis, echinococcus and phimosis and to implement  state policy on developing national manufacture.

Moreover, the PM cited that considering the cost for purchasing same products from foreign countries, economists calculated that over MNT 147.4 billion was saved thanks to domestically manufacturing avermonmek and alimonzol medical preparations invented by academician B.Byambaa.