Three citizens that arrived on charter flights test positive for COVID-19

2020-03-17 13:16:56

Three Mongolian citizens that arrived in Mongolia on the charter flights en route Seoul-Ulaanbaatar, and Berlin-Ulaanbaatar have tested positive for COVID-19 from the preliminary laboratory tests. The Ministry of Health informed about the situation at its urgent announcement yesterday on March 16 at 10.50 pm.


Head of the Public Administration Department of the Ministry of Health B.Tsogtbaatar noted that the necessary health care assistance and services are being provided to those who have contacted the virus, and all people who were in close contact with them are currently being determined. He said, “The woman who arrived from France through Germany is in a serious state, and all necessary health care measures are being taken. Nine citizens who have been in close contact have been put into isolation. As it has been previously considered that repatriating our citizens from coronavirus affected countries brings risk, each citizen has been put into isolation as appropriate measures had been prepared beforehand.”

The test results of the three citizens were determined on March 16 at 8 pm, of which the other two arrived from the Republic of Korea.

At the State Emergency Commission’s meeting, a decision was made to repatriate citizens currently residing in the Republic of Korea, Japan as well as other countries that are in urgent need to return to their home country. In its framework, 244 citizens arrived on a charter flight en route Seoul-Ulaanbaatar on March 15. Another 231 citizens also arrived on a charter flight en route Berlin-Moscow-Ulaanbaatar yesterday on March 16 at around 8 am. The next charter flight that is to bring Mongolian citizens from Istanbul, Turkey will depart on March 18.