One-time visit to be allowed for citizens put in 14-day isolation

2020-03-20 10:58:42

As of today, 1,734 citizens are being isolated at 21 locations nationwide. Based on the requests and suggestions put forth by the isolated citizens, a decision has been made to allow visits once in 14 days, reports the operative team of the State Emergency Commission.

Press representative of the operative team of the State Emergency Commission B.Dulamsuren said, “986 citizens have been brought back to Mongolia on four charter flights. The operations to isolate the 252 citizens that arrived from Istanbul last night as well as 15 officials--in total 267 citizens continued until 4 am today. They have been put into isolation at 6 locations.”

981 passengers and 557 vehicles of four countries have been inspected and allowed entry through 7 autoroad checkpoints, 3 railway checkpoints, and 1 air checkpoint--in total, 11 border checkpoints. From the passengers, 332 Mongolian citizens have been put into isolation. The operative team recommends citizens that wish to return to their home country to enter through Altanbulag and Tsagaan Nuur border checkpoints.

Head of the operative team B.Uuganbayar said, “Per the citizens’ request, it has been decided to allow visits from 10 am to 4 pm once in 14 days. A list of items, medicine, and food products that are allowed entry have been approved by the State Emergency Commission. If isolated citizens do not abide by the infection control regulation, strict punishment will be imposed. Low-level executives that make decisions ignoring the instructions of the State Emergency Commission will also be held responsible for their actions.”