Mongolian Fine Art Masterpiece ‘Birthplace Dream’

2020-05-26 21:36:25

In this edition of the series ‘Mongolian Fine Art Masterpiece’ brought to you by MONTSAME News Agency in cooperation with Mongolian National Art Gallery, we are presenting the artwork, ‘Birthplace Dream’ by State Honored Art Figure, State Prize Laureate, prominent landscape painter Tsembeldorj Myatav.

The painting was created on a 100x70 cm vertical canvas in 1987. The painter skillfully depicted sky-high majestic mountains standing above the clouds using a realistic approach. The work of art shows fog flowing down between the mountains that appear darkish from afar and the pyramidal peaks of the sky-high mountains. The shadowed mountain valley appearing still and mysterious in harmony with the fog and the bright rays of the rising sun casting orange light on the higher mountainsides both give the feel of classical romanticism. 

M.Tsembeldorj was born in Saikhan-Ovoo soum of Dundgobi aimag and started his artistic career in 1956. With his dozens of works depicting the beauty of Mongolian landscapes impressively and realistically, the painter made a substantial contribution to the development of landscape painting in Mongolia and became widely known as the landscape singer. 

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