Queen Consort Dondogdulam’s traditional vest made of peacock feathers

2020-06-02 18:28:38

A traditional vest worn by Queen Consort Dondogdulam during the seasons of spring and autumn on special occasions are currently being kept at the Bogd Khaan Palace Museum.

Handmade by skilled embroiders and tailors of the palace in the early 20th century, the vest has peacock feathers seamed together. The number of peacock feathers required to make the vest is impossible to count, the intricately tailored traditional vest is considered as one of the rarest exquisite exhibits.

Aside from having the pattern of the peacock feathers perfectly align, red silk was selected to match the feathers’ green color as well as golden threads as its hem and buttons with floral patterns. The vest is 61 cm in length and 74 cm in width.

The Bogd Khan also had a matching traditional vest that is kept at the Bogd Khan Palace Museum to this day.