Prime Minister checks winter preparations in energy sector

2020-09-09 17:12:09

On September 8, Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh got acquainted with the preparations for 2020-2021 winter in the energy sector.

At the Ministry of Energy, Minister N.Tavinbekh introduced the sector’s present situation, progress of the winter preparations and measures to be further implemented. Within the winter preparations, 2267 works in total are planned. Today, it shows 77.5 percent performance.    

The installed capacity of Mongolia’s energy grid is 1473 MW,  which is provided by thermal power plants (1200MW or 81.5 percent), renewable energy (276MW or 15.8 percent), as well as diesel stations (2MW or 0.1 percent). To meet the growing electricity and heat demand, the Ministry intends to start installing a battery energy storage system and constructing the Tavan Tolgoi power plant and Erdeneburen hydropower plant to expand the sources and reduce the imported electricity in the Gobi and western regions, said the Minister.

Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh said that the government prioritizes to ensure the country’s demand for energy, oil and foods with domestic sources, adding that the government is paying great attention to the construction of the Tavan Tolgoi power plant and Erdeneburen hydropower plant. He also noted the importance of expansion and renovation of power plants such as Choibalsan Thermal Power Plant and Amgalan Thermal Power Plant.

Underlining the need to build hydropower plants, as they are adjustable to power system mode, low-cost, and environmentally friendly, the PM recommended the Energy Minister to work activity in this area.