Prime Minister works at leather technology park in Darkhan-Uul aimag

2020-09-21 17:30:11

During his working trip to Darkhan-Uul aimag last week, Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh visited the Darkhan Leather Technology Park, becoming acquainted with its operations. PM Khurelsukh ordered relevant officials to present the cabinet a proposal on integrating around 40 leather, hides factories in Ulaanbaatar with the Darkhan Leather Technology Park, turning vocational training centers in this area into a complex and building apartment towns for the Park’s employees, . Aiming to offer value added end products on international market, the Darkhan Leather Technology Park, was established in 2018 and operates in leather and hides processing and light industry technology areas. It is also building a complex factory for leather, hides and cashmere manufacturing on 1 180 ha area of land in the aimag. The complex factory will hold various facilities, such as storage and manufacturing factory for leather, hides, cashmere, felt and gelatin, center for development and research, power and heating substations and a treatment center. A facility for hides processing will be developed under the cooperation between Mongolian and Spanish companies. Within the framework of a long term partnership with foreign companies, 600,000 tons of sheep and goat skins of international standard will be exported to Spain this year, officials from the Darkhan Leather Technology Park introduced.