Bogd Khaan Memorial Garden opens

2020-09-25 15:19:14

The opening ceremony of Bogd Khaan Memorial Garden newly built on the 1.4 ha site next to Bogd Khaan Palace Museum took place on September 24. The ceremony was attended by Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh, Minister of Culture S.Chuluun, Acting Governor of the Capital City and Mayor of Ulaanbaatar J.Batbayasgalan, Ulaanbaatar General Manager T.Gantumur, and other officials, researchers, museum staff, and citizens.

In his remarks during the ceremony, PM U.Khurelsukh said, “Last year, the President of Mongolia issued a decree and the Prime Minister an order to commemorate nationwide the 150th birth anniversary of His Holiness the 8th Jebtsundamba Khutughtu, Bogd Khaan, and creation of a monument complex memorializing the historical achievements of Bogd Khaan was part of the many anniversary activities planned. We are delighted that a public open space area with artworks depicting the history of the country is opening today thanks to the efforts of the municipal authorities, Bogd Khaan Palace Museum, and the project contractor. The Government will commission the new buildings of Chinggis Khaan Museum, Museum of Natural History, National Library, and the Grand Theater of National Arts starting next year. We will also renovate Bogd Khaan Palace Museum and give special support to cultural activities and continue to enlighten the public.”

Senzo Construction company built and landscaped the garden with 5,615 sq. meter pedestrian paths, 6,320 sq. meter green area, and 144 sq. meter flower bed. The garden also has 13 sculptures such as a 4.3-meter-tall statue of Bogd Khaan and ‘Under the Eternal Sky’ and ‘Saker Falcon’ all designed by State Prize Laureate, sculptor L.Gankhuyag.