Mongolia becomes one of first Asian countries administering fourth vaccine dose

2022-01-10 17:35:20

Mongolia has begun to administer the fourth dose of the coronavirus vaccine to its people on voluntary basis on January 7. Currently, 66.6 per cent of the population have received two shots of coronavirus vaccine while 28.7 per cent have had the third shot.

Mongolia is one of leading countries in the world with its early and active vaccination program and has passed the coronavirus waves without frequently imposing strict quarantine measures. The country has also had significantly less deaths caused by COVID-19 compared to that of developed countries. Specifically, while the US and the UK have had 2,501 and 2,194 deaths per 1 million citizens respectively, Mongolia has had 650 so far.


Amid a global surge in Omicron variant infections, the Government of Mongolia adheres a strategy to widely involve the population in the third dose of COVID-19 vaccines and administer the fourth dose on voluntary basis to pass the new wave and avoid imposing strict lockdown measures. 


Citizens are able to voluntarily get their fourth dose of vaccinations once 3 months have passed since their third dose. In addition, those that recovered from COVID-19, who had the third dose can receive their fourth dose 21 days after their recovery. Pfizer’s Comirnaty vaccine and Sinopharm’s ‘CorV’ vaccine are available for citizens.

Furthermore, children aged 12 and above are being offered a first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, whereas those turning 18 this year can be involved in their third dose of the immunization.