Discussion on Revival of Border Ports taking place

2022-03-28 15:32:59

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/. Ahead of the Mongolian Economic Forum 2022, discussions are taking place on six main topics for the ‘New Revival Policy’ being implemented by the Government of Mongolia.

Today, March 28, a discussion on the topic ‘Revival of Border Ports’ is being organized at the Mongolian Customs General Administration.

The discussion is focusing on the topics ‘Development and modernization of ports,’ ‘Free economic zone and land port development policy,’ ‘Border checkpoint infrastructure,’ ‘Connecting border ports through infrastructure and improving efficiency of transport corridors’ and ‘Reform policy in civil aviation sector’.

MPs N.Naranbaatar, Ts.Sergelen, T.Enkhtuvshin, T.Aubakir, J.Bat-Erdene and B.Enkh-Amgalan, Minister of Road and Transport Development L. Khaltar, Asian Development Bank’s Country Director for Mongolia Pavit Ramachandran, Senior Transport Specialist at the World Bank Noroarisoa Rabefaniraka, and Zamyn-Uud free zone’s governor A. Enkhzul are attending the discussion.