Erdeneburen HPP Project to be Intensified

2022-12-13 12:12:11

Khovd /MONTSAME/. The Minister of Energy, Choijilsuren Battogtokh, led the working team in the western region’s Khovd, Uvs, and Bayan-Ulgii aimags.

Specifically, the working team visited the Erdeneburen Hydropower Plant construction site to get acquainted with the project’s progress on December 7-9.

This project is being implemented across four soums of three aimags. Thus far, 22 boreholes have been drilled near the port, water transfer tunnel, and power station, and the construction of utility access roads in the project area is in progress. Henceforth, the training of Erdeneburen Hydroelectric Power Plant staff, placement of families and citizens in the new settlement area, compensation, construction work, and other related research work are expected to continue gradually.

Minister of Energy B. Choijilsuren also met with the residents of Erdeneburen and Myangad soums while working in Khovd aimag.

During the meeting, the officials said that to ensure the continuity and reliability of electricity in the western region, the Erdeneburen Hydropower Plant project will be advanced and special attention will be paid to intensifying the construction work.

Local citizens raised issues such as receiving compensation for being relocated as the area was taken as state special use for the implementation of the Erdeneburen HPP project, ensuring their normal living conditions, reducing negative environmental impacts, building roads, and improving agricultural irrigation systems.

The western region where more than 390 thousand people reside imports 75 percent of its energy needs from Russia and China, which means it uses five or six times more expensive energy than that being produced at Durgun HPP. The establishment of the hydropower plant will create the possibility to provide the country’s western region with domestically produced energy.