“Safe Payphone” Installed

2023-02-10 16:42:02

Arkhangai, February 10, 2023 /MONTSAME/ Mongolian Telecom Company JSC has installed “Safe Payphone” in the 1st and 3rd secondary schools in Erdenebulgan soum, Arkhangai aimag.

Studies showed that 90% of students couldn’t use their cellphones properly, leading to negative results such as disputes between teacher and students, ineffective learning process and peer-bullying in schools.

This project is implemented with purpose to ensure safety of children, encourage children not to use their cellphones during the class time and allow them make a free call by this payphone to their parents and vice versa. 

Since the payphone is available for children, the school has created a new motto “Class without Cells” and called on the parents to send their children without cellphone to school.