Selenge Aimag Cooperating with Jeju Province

2023-02-15 07:56:09

Ulaanbaatar, February 15, 2023 /MONTSAME/.  In the framework of enriching the foreign relations with economic content, Selenge aimag has been consistently cooperating with foreign countries in the field of agriculture, education, health, culture, sport, and social security. The aimag further aims to specialize and prepare professional staff in each sector.  

Specifically, Selenge aimag has been cooperating with Dangjin city, Eunpyeong district, and Jeju Special Self-governing Province of South Korea.  

The Jeju province is making a critical contribution to developing the educational sector in Selenge aimag. To that extent, Jeju province has set up computer labs with an investment of MNT 170 million in secondary schools No.1, 2, 4 of Selenge aimag and Shaamar and Tsagaannuur Soum Secondary Schools. 

In the framework of this cooperation, representatives from Jeju Self-governing Provincial Office of Education, such as the Head of the Policy Planning Department Oh Jang Ja, the Head of the International Education Cooperation Department So Hee Sung, the Senior Specialist of the International Education Cooperation Department Lee Soo Ming, the Specialist of the International Education Cooperation Department Kan Uni Hee, and Director of "MSMorea" Kim Ming Soo have paid a working visit to Selenge aimag. 

The Governor of Selenge aimag expressed his intention to cooperate with Jeju Special Self-governing Province in the fields of agriculture, farming, pisciculture, and tourism during the meeting with the representatives. 

Furthermore, the two sides agreed to expand the partnership relations and cooperation between the Selenge aimag of Mongolia and the Dangjin City of South Korea and to cooperate in the agricultural, economic, cultural, and humanitarian sectors. Then, the Agreement on Sending Seasonal Workers from Selenge aimag to Dangjin City was signed.